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EuLDP 2009-2011

The EuLDP class 2009-2011 had their first meeting in Amsterdam on Sunday 14 June. The outgoing class 2007-2009 presented their projects to the new class and graduation was celebrated at the end of the meeting. The session was followed by a drink where SOE Lecturers were also invited.

The next meeting dates are the following:

  • 10 to 12 March 2010 in Innsbruck, Austria
  • January 2011 in San Francisco, USA
  • June 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland

The EuLDP 2009-2011 class is composed of 20 participants from all around Europe:

First Name Last Name Country
Christiane Falkner Radler Austria
Richard Maier Austria
Nynne Luise Blenner Christoffersen Denmark
Jaana Penna Finland
Nico Setälä Finland
Bahram Bodaghi France
Tristan Bourcier France
Ramin Tadayoni France
Mikheil Omiadze Georgia
Matus Rehak Germany
Tina Xirou Greece
Miltiades Tsilimbaris Greece
David Keegan Ireland
Jakub J. Kaluzny Poland
Katarzyna Kaszuba-Bartkowiak Poland
Paulo Torres Portugal
Tomaž Gračner Slovenia
Nataša Vidovič-Valentinčič Slovenia
Fatima Pedrosa Domellöf Sweden
M.Th.P. Odenthal the Netherlands
N.M. Jansonius the Netherlands

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