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EuLDP 2011-13 Class Abstracts

Please find below abstracts for some of the projects undertaken by the EuLDP Class of 2011-2013. More projects will be added. If you wish to contact any of the authors please email the secretariat at who will pass on your details.

Ivan M Gan

Project Title: Bringing our members to the future with today’s technology

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Fredrik Ghosh 

Project Title: Integration of academia with clinical ophthalmology at the Swedish university hospital

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Barbara Tratnik Jakljič

Project Title: Starting anti- VEGF treatment for wet ARMD at the General Hospital Novo mesto and other peripheral hospitals in Slovenia            

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Gabor Nemeth

Project Title: One day surgery at a university clinic: organization and impacts 

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Kristina Tear Fahnehjelm

Project Title: The Lighting Project – How to improve artificial lighting and daylight in an eye hospital

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Elad Moisseiev, MD

Project Title: Laser Workshop for Beginning Ophthalmologists

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This project is now available as a paper to view please follow this link: Simulation of neodymium:YAG posterior capsulotomy for ophthalmologists in training


Dr Berit Byström

Project Title: A website for the Swedish corneal surgeon’s society and the Swedish corneal register

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Gunnar Már Zoega

Project Title: A roadmap for medical students showing the use of the biomicroscope/slitlamp

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Matus Rehak, MD, PhD

Project Title: Time effort of preparation for the cataract surgery in different  European  countries

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Miltiadis K. Tsilimbaris

Project Title: Organization of the ICO Two days Ophthalmology Residency Program Directors Course in Crete, Greece

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Jana Stefanickova 

Project Title: Creation  of the  National register for intravitreal applications and implementation into praxis in Slovakia

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Maria Kugelberg

Project Title: Coordinating the residency competence requirements with the residency courses

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Anders Kruse

Project Title: Improving wet- and drylab training for young ophthalmologists

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Georgios Blatsios

Project Title:Evaluation of job satisfaction at the Department of Ophthalmology,

Innsbruck Medical University, Austria

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