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SOE Observership Report – Darko Batistic, Croatia at University Eye Hospital Centre in Tubingen, Germany





I would like to thank SOE organization for giving me educational grant and opportunity to further upgrade my knowledge in the field of vitreoretinal surgery.

I have spent 4 weeks at VR surgery department at University Eye Hospital Centre in Tubingen which is one of the biggest and busiest ophthalmology centres in Germany.

I had a great time there, gaining the experience and practice, learning from the highly skilled individuals and making not professional but personal contacts as well. I have improved my practical knowledge in this field with a lot of little tricks and tips that you can not find in a book.

It is our duty to share all the surgical skills and knowledge with each other in order to provide the best results four our patients so I would like to thank the director of the clinic professor dr. Karl Urlich Bartz-Schmidt and all the great specialist of vitreoretinal department for accepting me and offered me some very important professional time.

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