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DRY Labs – a unique opportunity for YOs at SOE2017!

Guell Park in Barcelona

DRY Labs – a unique opportunity for YOs at SOE2017!

SOE YO is offering a unique opportunity for YOs wishing to speed up their surgical learning curve and their surgical adaptability.

We are organising 6 dry lab sessions over Saturday 10th June and Sunday 11th June in our YO lounge at the SOE2017 congress in Barcelona 10 – 13th June.

Using artificial models of eyes and under the mentorship of experts in the field, young ophthalmologists are being offered an opportunity to practice surgical techniques outside the operating theatre and within the comfort of our YO lounge at the SOE congress. Surgical techniques covered will be on cataract surgery, suturing skills and trauma repair as well as trabeculectomy.

This unique opportunity will be offered free of charge thanks to a sponsorship by Thea laboratories.

There are limited places and it will be on a first come first serve basis.  So if you are a YO registered for SOE2017 , hurry up and sign up for one of the Dry Lab Sessions available in the YO Lounge click here,




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