EuLDP Class 2015-2017 Project titles

EuLDP Projects  class of 2015 -2017
Nat.Society Name of Nominee Working Project Title
Austria Andreas Dimmer Improving Quality of Training for Young ophthalmologists at  Innsbruck Medical University – Accreditation of the Department of ophthalmology Innsbruck as Training Centre according to the EBO criteria
Austria Claus Zehetner Establishment of a standardized register for the quality assessment of retinal detachment surgery outcomes.
Bulgaria Dr.Christina Nicolaeva Vidinova Introducing an internet based screening programme for macular diseases (AMD and DMO) and providing additional training for retina specialists
Bulgaria Dr. Irina Kuneva-Parvanova
Croatia Ljubo Znaor Building of Consistent Network of General Ophthalmologists in South Croatia
Denmark Karen Bjerg Pedersen National Webinar based Ophthalmological Education in Denmark
Estonia Veiko Reigo
Finland  Juha Holopainen MD., PhD
Finland  Kati Kinnunen MD., PhD Inter Viterosl Injections Strategy to educate nurses to administer this procedure
Germany Andreas Stahl Infections data and infections patterns
Germany Dominik Fischer Set up a YO Retina specialist group
Greece Mr George  Kymionis
Ireland John Stokes Application of Femtosecond laser technology to high volume cataract surgery in a public healthcare system.
Ireland Catherine Cleary To encourage residents to submitt more manuscripts for publication and promotion
Israel Dr Adi Einan-Lifshitz
Italy Elisabetta Pilotto Clinical trials looking at screening of early ADS
Italy Michela Fresina Creation of program for residents through National society platform
Jordan Dr. Mohannad Qasim Albdour Jordan Glaucoma Registry
Jordan Dr. Nancy Al Raqqad Cornea surgery quality control in Jordan
Norway Tor Paaske Utheim The establishment of a test bed in collaboration with Oslo University Hospital and the Municipality of Oslo
Norway John  Wendel Rapid expansion without reducing quality in hospital
Portugal Ângela Maria Veloso Guimarães Carneiro, Developing a system of accreditation in Portugal for events, regarding the continuing medical education. This system will be developed in collaboration between the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology and the Colégio de Oftalmologia da Ordem dos Médicos PAAO LDP
Portugal Rui Guilherme Pereira Leite Castela Organize a national Retinoblastoma referral program in Portugal.
Spain Dr. Julio Gonzalez-Lopez Clinician and patient perspective on the communication of medical errors in Ophthalmology
Sweden Eva Olofsson Swedish national register for retinal detachment surgery
Sweden Sten Kjellström Online Moodle platform for residents
Sweden Stefan Löfgren  Fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
The Netherlands Manon van Hecke Healthcare system in relation to Ophthalmology in the Netherlands
Turkey kemal örnek Establishing an ophthalmic bridge for the Asian Turk republics
Turkey Selçuk Sızmaz Establishing an ophthalmic bridge for the Asian Turk republics