SOE YO Reception – Geneva 2011

SOE YO Reception

The YO reception was very well attended by YOs representing all corners of Europe.  SOE and UEMS leadership also attended and mingled with the YOs.  Anthony Khawaja, chair of the SOE YO committee addressed the attendees, as did Stefan Seregard, later to be announced as new SOE president.  Again, this event was an excellent opportunity for international connections to be made, and enthusiasm drummed up for pro-actively tackling the issues the ophthalmic profession and YOs face in the globalising world. 

We are extremely grateful to Allergan who sponsored the SOE YO events at the congress in Geneva. 

Upcoming SOE YO Events

Modern Technologies and Techniques for Young Ophthalmologists to Know
Joint AAO/SOE/COS Symposium, AAO Annual Meeting, Orlando, 2011

The symposium will focus on novel surgical approaches and therapeutic options that young ophthalmologists should recognize as present alternatives of the management of diseases of the eye. The joint session will include particular strategies for the treatment of various ocular diseases that are most commonly applied in Europe, the United States and Canada, and usually not shared between these geographical areas. This will expand the options for YOs to decide which strategies should be adopted in their own clinical/surgical practices. 

SOE YO will be co-chairing the session, and providing 3 of the speakers.

Education Without Borders (working title)

Joint SOE/AAO/MEACO YO Symposium, WOC Meeting, Abu Dhabi, 2012

This symposium is the fruit of discussion that took place in the SOE YO Lounge in Geneva.  The SOE YO committee met members of the MEACO YO committee and AAO, and the concept of this session was born and developed.  It was decided the session would be in the form of a chat-show, rather than traditional lecture format.  Chat-show guests will come from SOE, AAO and MEACO regions, and topics covered will include:

  • Setting up residency programmes in the Middle East – The Arab Board
  • Opportunities and resources available for establishing residency programmes
  • EBO – Europe harmonising ophthalmic education
  • Arranging a fellowship abroad – pearls and pitfalls
  • Surgical training – how do we set the standards?
  • Modern social media in ophthalmology