YO Past Events

American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, October 2010, Chicago, United States.

  • Joint SOE/AAO/MEACO Symposium: Modern Technologies and Techniques for Young Ophthalmologists to Know                                  
  • The symposium focused on novel surgical approaches and therapeutic options that young ophthalmologists (YOs) should recognize as present alternatives of the management of diseases of the eye. The joint session included particular strategies for the treatment of various ocular diseases that are most commonly applied in Europe, North America, Middle East, or Africa, and usually not shared between these geographical areas. This expanded the options for YOs to decide which strategies should be adopted in their own clinical/surgical practices.       

American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, November 2008, Atlanta, CG, United States

  • Joint SOE/AAO YO Symposium: Training, Globalization, and the Young Ophthalmologist Economic, cultural and social barriers are rapidly being broken down throughout the world, and it is a growing responsibility for young ophthalmologists from different continents to work together and accommodate these changes for the benefit of their patients.  Geographical diversity in training and in practice poses difficulties for doctors who aim to train, work or collaborate abroad.  This symposium aims to highlight the differences in training and the collaboration hurdles that physicians from different countries are experiencing, and what measures are being taken to try and overcome these obstacles. Speakers from the United States, Canada and Europe who have complemented their training across the Atlantic will speak about their experiences and give advice on how to make the most of these opportunities.  At the conclusion of the symposium, attention will be drawn to the globalization of the ophthalmic community as a whole, and the need to develop an organized international committee for young ophthalmologists.


  • Joint SOE/AAO YO reception.  This took place at a trendy bar in midtown Atlanta and was very well attended.  It was a great opportunity for YOs from around the world to meet each other, make contacts for the future, and begin discussions for our activity in Amsterdam.


SOE Congress, June 2008, Amsterdam

  • Complications of Cataract Surgery for Junior Ophthalmologists               This symposium was so well attended, many attendees had to stand, and some did not even make it into the room!  We will be looking into how to make the session more exclusive for YOs (many attendees truly did stretch even a loose definition of young).  This was a video based session, and topics covered included: Surgical Complications; How We Learn & Why We Fail, The Small Pupil; When & How to Enlarge, Capsular Staining; Indications &Techniques, Rhexis Retrieval; The Life-Saver, Zonular Deficiency; CTRs & Capsule Anchors, Vitreous Loss; Prevention & Management.


  • Joint SOE/AAO YO Symposium: Young Ophthalmologists in International Ophthalmology This well attended session dealt with some of the pressing issue facing European YOs regarding their training and certification, as well as a more international flavour with talks about arranging a fellowship in the states and volunteering in developing countries.  Topics included: Diversity in surgical training across Europe – what is the state of play?, EBO: Exams, logbooks and residency exchange, UEMS: What happens after we become licensed – the difficulties!, How to arrange a fellowship in the U.S., How the under-served are managed in the over-served U.S., YOs volunteering abroad – a YO’s perspective.
  • SOE YO Reception.  This Alcon sponsored reception brought together many of the young attendees at the congress, and helped formally launch SOE YO.  Friendships and links across Europe and across the Atlantic were made.  We look forward to the next reception in Geneva!


American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, October 2009, San Francisco, United States

  • Joint SOE/AAO/PAAO YO Symposium: Modern Technologies and Techniques for Young Ophthalmologists to Know                                                                                                                                                                                                             This popular symposia had young pioneering ophthalmologists from North America, South America and Europe speaking about emerging therapies in their regions.  From modern IOL technology to gene therapy, this was a varied and stimulating symposium.  We will be following the same format for the next annual meeting in Chicago, October 2010.  See you there!  Topics included: Current refractive IOLs, Ocular gene therapy, Ferrara rings for keratoconus, The future of glaucoma surgery, Future pharmacological and cellular therapies to target retinal vascular disease