WOC 2014 – Tokyo April 2-6 2014

Collaboration between SOE/AAO/APAO/JOS YO groups

The theme is Education without Borders and the session aims to provide an engaging platform for discussion of global educational issues and opportunities available for young ophthalmologists. Topics include:

  • Arranging a Fellowship Abroad: Pearls and Pitfalls, Dr. Yutaka Kaneko, JOS
  • Education Without Borders in the Asia Pacific, Dr. Catherine Green, APAO
  • How YOs Can Benefit from Heading Abroad and Leadership Development, Dr. Kenneth Fong, APAO
  • Harmonizing Education Across Europe–the European Board of Ophthalmology, Prof. Catherine Creuzot-Garcher, SOE
  • Surgical Training: Quantity and Quality–the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the Association of University Professors in Ophthalmology, Dr. Grace Sun, AAO
  • ICO for Young Ophthalmologists: Fellowships and Examinations, Dr. David Taylor, ICO
  • Learning, Practicing, and Sharing in the Digital Age, Dr. Shuntaro Ogura, JOS