Agata Sloka Educational Grant Observership Report – FISABIO-Oftalmología Médica, Valencia, Spain

First of all I would like to thank  European Society of Ophthalmology and Professor Marko Hawlina for the Educational Grant Ophthalmologists-in-training which gave me such a great opportunity to  in FISABIO-Oftalmología Médica in Valencia

In the Vitreoretinal Unit  I could participate in patients examination, diagnosis and treatment of many retinal diseases; I could observe  various vitreoretinal surgery related with retinal detachment, macular holes, epiretinal membranes, diabetic retinopathy, brachyterapy in choroidal melanoma and femtosecond laser cataract surgery.   I was invited also to participate in morning- courses of glaucoma.

The organization of the centre and training were outstanding.

I like to express my sincere gratitude to outstanding person, Dra Mari Carmen Desco, for accepting me in FOM, organizing my shedule and offering me some very important time and sharing knowledge and wisdom. I would also like to  send special thank Dra Maria Jesus Lopez-Prats Lucea-great specialist in Retina Service-for help, very wise advice and medical tips, huge involvement during all my observership and her friendship and Dr Jorge Mataix Boronat- outstanding specialist in ocular oncology who explained me many therapeutic issues and thanks to  all friendly staff of FOM, too.

My observership gave me opportunity to improve my clinical  knowledge, learn from the best, gain the experience and  make not only professional but personal contacts as well. It was pleasure to observe their clinical, full of profesionalism and passion work.

I would highly recommend the FISABIO-Oftalmología Médica to the future SOE Grant recipients.

Agata Słoka