Oncology and Pathology at SOE2017

Prof. Nikolaos Bechrakis, Topic coordinator for Oncology and Pathology, shares highlights for the following sessions at SOE2017

Session S38 is dedicated to ocular manifestations of systemic malignancy, highlighting both periocular and intraocular manifestations of systemic neoplasia, such as metastatic disease, as well as phacomatoses and paraneoplastic conditions. Ocular manifestations can be in numerous cases the first sign of systemic neoplasia, making this session especially interesting for the general ophthalmologist.

Session S49 highlights interesting and selected clinic-pathological correlations, which have been presented previously in ophthalmic pathology society meetings. The audience will have the unique chance to hear first-hand clinical cases along with their pathological correlation along with background information, highlighting in depth the cases discussed in an interactive way.

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