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SOE Educational Grant Placement Report 2012 by Maryia Morkhat

Posted on 28th May 2012 in Society News

The clinic I attended, Augenklinik des Klinikums der Universität München, Munich has high standards of Ophthalmology care provided. The observer can get a positive experience in the clinic if they are ready to organise their schedule by asking the contact person to introduce them to staff in the department where they want to stay for

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SOE Educational Grant Applications for 2013

Posted on 01st May 2012 in Society News

SOE Grant applications are now open until September 2012. All applications must be submitted through the website using the online application form.Applicants must not approach clinics until they have been informed that they have been awarded a grant. All applicants will be notified by December 2012. To apply click on the Grants tab now.

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APAO/SOE -Ocular Pathology & Tumor Session

Posted on 16th April 2012 in Society News

A stimulating session on Ocular Pathology & Tumor case presentations was chaired by Prof. Stefan Seregard, with speakers Prof. Nikos Bechrakis, Prof. Heinrich Heimann and Prof. Edoardo Midena all adding to the engaging discussion. All agreed on the success of the session in encouraging informative and engaging discussion in this highly significant area.

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APAO/SOE Opening Ceremony

Posted on 14th April 2012 in Society News

The APAO/SOE Congress began with an opening ceremony celebrating Korean culture with music and dancing. SOE President Stefan Seregard addressed the audience with the following Welcome speech, “Professor Kwak, Professor Tham, Professor Martin, Professor Lam, Prof Spivey, Colleagues and Friends, It is indeed my pleasure and a privilege to address this Joint Congress of the

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