YO Committee Election Candidates

Below, are the 9 candidates standing for election to join the YO committee. Please take the time to read who they are and join us at the YO General Assembly Meeting and Election on Friday 14th June 2019 11-13:00 YO Lounge, where the election will take place.


Alisa Barash National Representative – Belarus

YO-SOE inspire me!

I’d love to be a part of YO- SOE to continue moving forward, to develop international collaborations and to increase quality and access ophthalmic training in Europe, to organize international platform of YO- SOE in purposes to achieve high quality education, collaboration, teamwork.

We should trust in our dreams and together we can create a Better Future! Click here for Alisa’s CV

Ayesha Karimi National Representative – UK

My name is Ayesha Karimi and following recommendations from colleagues, I would like to put myself forward in continuing to be the National Representative for the United Kingdom for SOE YO, as I have only been the UK National Rep for a year. This was because I only found out about SOE YO a year ago!

This group is a very useful and educational platform for young ophthalmologists and I would like to be the bridge between the UK and European trainees. Having attended EMYO last year, I think this society is an excellent way for young ophthalmologists to network, form links abroad and to help each other in training and exams. I would not only like to be the voice for the UK trainees in SOE YO but would also like to serve as the link for European trainees who are wanting to do fellowships / train in the UK and for UK trainees who are wanting to do the same in Europe. Through this meeting, I have managed to encourage a group of UK  trainees to submit their projects and come to SOE in France and hope to increase the UK turnout every year.   Click here for Ayesha’s CV

Belinda Pustina – National Representative – Kosovo

Belinda Pustina

My motivation to become a part of the SOE-YO committee is rooted in my passion for the field of ophthalmology. As one of the few ophthalmologists practicing in Kosovo, I have participated in numerous domestic and international conferences, seminars and professional development workshops. Furthermore, I have found great joy in planning national congresses with international participation in my country and recently worked as part of the organizing committee for the 16th South-East European Ophthalmological  Society (SEEOS) Congress  scheduled for  May 31st through June 1, 2019, in Pristina, Kosovo. As a part of the leadership of Kosovo Association of Ophthalmologists (KAO) , I have participated and have lectured to residents where I provided a space for continued discussions on topics relating to the field. My experience working within a strong local community of ophthalmologists in Kosovo has proven to be successful and I hope to continue this work as a SOE-YO committee member working on a more international scale. As an SOE-YO committee member I would bring immense enthusiasm, varied experiences, and hard work to ensure that all goals are met.  Click here for  Belinda’s CV

Jelena Potic – YO Committee – National Representative – Serbia

Jelena Potic

Dear Young Ophthalmologists, dear National representatives, dear SOE YO Members,

My name is Jelena Potic, 34 years old, born in Belgrade, Serbia. I am working at the University Eye Hospital in Belgrade, Serbia and in Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, as ophthalmologist, at the Vitreoretinal Surgery Unit. As a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder, I have spent one year and a half in Lausanne, Switzerland, at Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, where I finished my PhD thesis on retinal detachments topic.

I have been participating in many international meetings and conferences as the first author and presenter of my work, where I had the opportunity to meet many well-known ophthalmologists.

I am Serbian national representative in SOE YO. Since 2015 I have been a subcommittee member for national representatives in SOE YO and since 2017, I am a SOE YO Committee member, elected on the First General Assembly of SOE YO held in 2017 in Barcelona. In SOE YO Committee, I was working mostly with National Representatives and I was in charge of EMYO (European Meeting of Young Ophthalmologists). Being the SOE YO Committee Member gave me the opportunity to meet many great people and to understand and get to know training programs in many countries. As a SOE YO team, I was working also on making the fellowship database, and YOUTHub, projects guided by Miguel Gonzalez Andrades, MD, PhD, as well as on making the European Essential Surgical Curriculum, project guided by Marie Louise Rasmussen, MD, PhD. Thanks to all that, I would like to continue working with this amazing team on improving and unifying training systems around Europe and also my aim is to improve training system in Serbia. That is long process; involving Serbian Medical Chamber, Serbian Medical Society and other organizations with long-lasting tradition, that now I am a member of. After many months of working, negotiating and explaining importance of becoming part of European system, as a team leader, I managed to make Serbia associated member of UEMS (European Union of medical specialists); which allows residents from Serbia to pass EBO exam and to become a part of European family. This opportunity was not given to us until this year (for the first time we are allowed to sit EBO exam in 2019). This is giving the chance to our young doctors to learn more and to obtain good fellowships with recognized values.

UEMS was just an example of my ideas and the example to show how ready I am to fight for good things. With the same enthusiasm and ready to meet people, to improve our network among all countries, ready to help and to develop many ways of collaboration, I would like to stay being the part of SOE committee, to help and to improve training systems, and to give to all of us the opportunity to share and to get the best of knowledge. Click here for a link to Jelena’s CV

Lana Datuaschvili – National Representative – Georgia

Why my presence in the SOE YO committee is so important for me

I, as an ophthalmologist from Georgia, the Black Sea region, remote from the central Europe, find it very important to collaborate with SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology), for the purpose of delivering our young ophthalmologists’ professional concerns and needs to the experienced colleagues in Europe.

In my professional advancement SOE has served a turning point as it allowed me Resident Educational as well as Teacher’s grants. In addition, the three month fellowship program in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Jan Tjeerd de Faber, President of SOE, primed me in theoretical and practical issues of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus. I am a SOE YO subcommittee member since 2017.  SOE provides young specialists to take part in the exchange programs, broaden their knowledge and establish professional relationships on the international level. For us, the citizens of a developing country, connections with SOE have a crucial role to overcome the difficulties related to the continual professional growth, like, seeking for and receiving the fellowships, learning and honing surgery skills, and developing into strong, competitive ophthalmologists.

I wish the ophthalmologists, who live in the countries akin to Georgia, could be granted more opportunities for the participation in scientific research activities and exchange programs, earn Ph.D., or take internationally recognized qualifying exams, e.g. EBO, like it is done by young ophthalmologists from any of the welfare countries.  Click here for Lana’s CV


 Sabina Sapeta – National Representative – Poland 






Stefaan Van Nuffel National Representative – Belgium

I believe European institutions will become even more important in the future and European decisions will have significant impact on ophthalmology training and practice in every European country. I would like to take part in the debates concerning the future of ophthalmology and I believe I have what it takes to make a difference in these debates. The European surgical curriculum that you are developing, is something that i would really support. Uniformisation should be a way of improving quality of education for all residents.  Secondly, international exchange programs are something that can still be further developed.  Thirdly it can, in fact, be a strength that I am vice-president of the organising committee of the EMYO 2020 congress. I am also president of the OBAO (Organisation of Belgian Assistants in Ophthalmology – Belgium’s YO organisation) so I am well placed to try and implement decisions that are made on a European level into local legislation.  I always try to carry out my responsibilities with dedication and respect for all parties. It would be an honour if the YO community would elect me as part of the SOE YO committee. Click here to read Stefaan’s CV

Murat Hasanreisoglu National Representative – Turkey 

Click here To read Murat’s CV



Georgiana Camburu National Representative – Romania

Click here to read Georgina’s CV