Advancing Ophthalmology through Professional Development, Research, and Clinical Excellence

Applications open until September 30th 2024

Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen
SOE Educational Chair

The European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) is committed to fostering the professional growth of ophthalmologists, promoting cutting-edge research, and enhancing clinical practices across Europe. Through a variety of grants, SOE provides financial support and recognition, helping to build a dynamic and collaborative ophthalmology community. The ultimate purpose of the grant programme is to contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.

Apply for an Educational Grant

SOE Resident Educational Grants

The SOE Board is pleased to offer a limited number of grants aimed at ophthalmologists-in-training from Eastern European countries. These grants are designed to facilitate visits to leading Ophthalmic Centers throughout Europe, providing a unique opportunity for:

Professional Development: Enhance the clinical skills and knowledge of ophthalmologists-in-training through direct observation in clinical work.

Cross-Border Collaboration: Strengthening professional networks and fostering connections between ophthalmic educators and institutions across Europe.

Knowledge Sharing: Promoting the exchange of best practices and innovative techniques in ophthalmology.

Eligibility: Grants are open to Ophthalmologists-in-training from Eastern European countries who are seeking to advance their clinical experience and expertise. Age below 40 years old and preferrable within the first 5 years of independent practice after residency. 

Duration: Successful applicants are expected to spend between 2 to 4 weeks at a designated European Ophthalmic Center, observing and learning from experienced practitioners.

To facilitate geographical distribution the grants are allocated in  equal numbers by the eligible countries.

Apply for an Teacher Grant

SOE Teacher Grants

SOE aims to create strong connections among ophthalmic educators and teaching institutions across Europe. By facilitating these exchanges, SOE hopes to stimulate ongoing collaboration and sharing of knowledge. SOE offers approximately 10 grants annually for teaching educators.

The programme targets teachers who are actively involved in residency training roles within Eastern European institutions, encouraging them to apply and bring back valuable insights to their home practice. Eligibility: Applicants with several years’ experience in teaching residents and fellows at their own institutions are preferred.  

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