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As the conflict in Ukraine further escalates, our thoughts are with our innocent Ukrainian colleagues and countrymen. Our concern is for their ultimate wellbeing while this humanitarian tragedy unfolds.

The SOE was founded in 1956 as The Societas Ophthalmologica Europea (SOE), with the aim “to promote ophthalmology in Europe and to stimulate co-operation between European ophthalmologists and between their National Societies”. A Latin name was specifically chosen by our founding fathers to emphasize its supranational nature, an important issue in post-war Europe. It was hoped that collaboration and mutual respect in every field would secure a future without further wars. Our hopes have taken another severe blow in the last few days. Supranational collaboration, compassion and support are more than ever the essential path to walk.

We as Ophthalmologists and Doctors have the duty to help patients no matter their background, nationality or political affiliation since we all took the oath of Hippocrates. This becomes all the more important and challenging at times of such devastating conflicts.

Today we stand with Ukraine and all our national society members. SOE condemns aggression and offers support and compassion to our colleagues. We commit ourselves and our Society to help in any way we can.

We wish wisdom, self-control, and peace to you all

The President and SOE Executive




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SOE Grants

Posted on 03rd May 2022 in Society News, YO News

ONLINE APPLICATIONS FOR SOE 2023 GRANTS IS NOW OPEN.THE APPLICATION PLATFORM WILL CLOSE ON 30 SEPTEMBER 2022 PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT APPLY FOR A GRANT IF YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED ONE IN A PREVIOUS YEAR.SOE Resident Educational Grant and SOE Teacher GrantsApply at The Board of SOE offers a limited number of scholarships for ophthalmologists-in-training

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The European Journal of Ophthalmology (EJO) is the official journal of SOE.

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Young Ophthalmologists

The SOE Young Ophthalmologists group (SOE YO) aims to serve the collective needs of YOs in Europe who are in training or in their first 5 years of independent practice.

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34th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons.

23-25 Jun 2022

NCC East (Exhibition Center Nuremberg) 
Nuremberg Germany


2nd Virtual Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology: Global (COPHy Global)

24-25 Jun 2022




4-8 Jul 2022

Thessaloniki, Greece

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