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Videos & Q&A – How to Prevent Myopia Onset and Reduce Myopia Progression?

The prevalence of myopia and pathological myopia is increasing substantially and will become the most common cause of visual impairment and blindness in Europe unless we are acting now. There are already effective myopia control interventions to prevent myopia onset and to slow down its progression. The main aim of the webinar is to provide information and guidance for eye care practitioners how to prevent and manage the development and progression of myopia.

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Introduction: János Nemeth (Hungary)
Histology of Myopic Eye – Jost B. Jonas (Germany)

Epidemiology of Myopia – János Németh (Hungary)
Environmental Risk Factors of Myopia Developments and their Optimisation Possibilities – Christina Vidinova (Bulgaria)
Pharmacological Interventions – Andrzej Grzybowski (Poland)
Optical Interventions and Combination Therapies – Beáta Tapasztó (Hungary)
Guidelines – János Németh (Hungary)

The Myopia Webinar is kindly supported by CooperVision

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Videos & Q&A – Ophthalmic A&E

Ophthalmic A&E is an excellent place to showcase multidisciplinary team working for the ophthalmic patient, we are discussing the work of a Nurse, ophthalmic fellow, orthoptist and consultant working in the often very busy and challenging environment.

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Triaging Ophthalmic Patients
– Iain Henderson (United Kingdom)

Red Flags for Anterior Segment Ocular Emergencies– Luis García-Onrubia (Spain)
Diplopia – When to Worry – Liz Tomlin (United Kingdom)
What I would get out of bed for! – Dr Seema Verma (United Kingdom)

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Videos & Q&A – Neuro-ophthalmology – Hot Topics 2021

The topics chosen are a combination of the classical Neuro-Ophthalmology armamentarium, like “Life-threatening diplopia” and “The swollen optic disc”, as well as a current hot subject of interest: “The neuroophthalmological manifestations of Covid -19”.

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Neuro – Ophthalmology – Hot Topics Full webinar Additional Q&A
Life Threatening Diplopia – Andrew Lee (United States )
Positive Visual Phenomena – Gordon Plant (United Kingdom)
Neuro – ophthalmic Manifestations of Covid-19 – Karl Golnik (United States)
Swollen Optic Disc – Jonathan Trobe (United States)
Optic Neuritis and other Optic Neuropathies – Misha Pless (Switzerland)
Giant Cell arteritis – Nicholas J. Volpe (United States)
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