Congratulations to Olena Hurzhii, MD

SOE wish to congratulate Olena Hurzhii, MD for being selected to the Academy’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) XXIV, Class of 2023 as the joint nominee of SOE and the Ukrainian Ophthalmic Society.

Olena was recognized at AAO 2022 in Chicago for her selection to the Academy’s 24th Leadership Development Program (LDP) class as the one international participant from the Ukraine. Olena is jointly representing the Ukrainian Ophthalmological Society and the European Society of Ophthalmology and joined 19 other US ophthalmologists in the LDP XXIV, class of 2023 chosen via a competitive selection process. This LDP class came together for an Orientation Session in Chicago led by Academy LDP Director Chris Albanis, MD.  They were joined by participants in the Pan-American Association’s complementary program – PAAO’s Curso de Liderazgo.

SOE also look forward to welcoming Olena to SOE 2023 where she will take part in the SOE YO Programme. More details for the programme will be available shortly at

Chicago, IL – AAO 2022 – Session Name: LDP Breakfast/ Orientation Session DAM: AAO Leadership Development Program (LDP) Orientation Session and Breakfast during AAO 2022, Sept 30-Oct 3 in Chicago – Oct. 1, Hilton Chicago Hotel. – American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2022 Annual meeting at the McCormick Convention Center here today, Saturday October 1, 2022. Photo by © AAO/Matt Herp 2022 –