Judyta Jankowska-Szmul, Poland, SOE Educational Grant Recipient Report

Judyta Jankowska-Szmul from Poland visited Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK

Four-week observership split in two blocks:

  1. Corneal and External Disease Service
  2. Glaucoma Service

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Professor Marko Hawlina and SOE Educational Committee for offering me, a young eye doctor, the unique opportunity to visit one of the leading ophthalmic centres in Europe. My SOE 2017 Educational Grant for Ophthalmologists-in-training has been arranged as a four-week observership at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK. I completed two weeks in Corneal and External Disease Service (29th May – 9th June) and another two weeks in Glaucoma Service in (6th – 17th November).

I really enjoyed the time spent there, on both a professional and personal level. Even though the first morning I was provided with a timetable, the staff were open for my suggestions, enabling me to take part in any clinical or theatre sessions based on my individual preferences. The timetable included a variety of activities and I could join the consultant-led teams in specialised clinics and operating theatres. Moreover, I was welcome to take part in regular teaching sessions, which I attended with great pleasure. The most experienced specialists presented not only corneal issues, but also glaucoma, adnexal and retinal topics which, as a trainee, I found extremely interesting. All the lectures were highly valuable in terms of clinical practice, and in terms of revision for my future exams.

I would like to address my special thanks to Professor John Dart, Mr Alfonso Vasquez Perez, Mr Ken Pullum, Professor Sir Peng Khaw, Mr Gerassimos Lascartos, Miss Maria Papadopoulos, Mr Jonathan Clarke, Mr Gus Gazzard and Mr Luke Nicholson who offered me lots of their attention and shared their knowledge with great enthusiasm.

Concluding my report, based on my brilliant experience from the MEH, I would strongly encourage all my colleagues to apply for the SOE Educational Grants.