Oliver Stojanov, Serbia, Teacher Grant Report from Klinik und Poliklinik für Augenheilkunde, Germany

Upon my arrival I was greeted by all employees and taken on a tour through the Eye Clinic.

All the doctors and nurses were very kind and willing to answer all the questions regarding the patients’ management.

With Dr. Mathias Altmann (lecture coordinator) I went in detail through teachers’ activities with students. Dr. Altmann showed me the lectures, presentation topics and student tests for medical students, and explained how their educational system works at the Dept. of Ophthalmology. We have also discussed the key points of student education at the Regensburg University regarding Ophthalmology, and which lectures of the eye diseases should be emphasised to medical students in order to successfully manage the patients without referring them to ophthalmologists.

Given the opportunity to have a full insight of the student lectures and tests, now I can compare the way we work and test students in Serbia. I have also explained to Dr. Altmann the way we educate students in Serbia, and which weak points should be improved and how.

I was impressed with everything I have seen, and more than delighted to have worked with people so open to share their educational and professional skills with me.

I would truly recommend this University to all future SOE Teachers’ Grant applicants.

I am very grateful to SOE for giving me the opportunity to compare Serbian educational system with German.