Dr Amra Nadarević Vodenčarević SOE Grant Report

I am extremely proud and happy that I received an SOE grant, because I believe I am the first one to receive it from my hospital Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. First I must thank Professor Vahid Jusufović who encouraged me and other residents to travel abroad  in search of new knowledge, to Dr Svjetlana Terzić one of my teachers and as well the rest of my colleagues from University Clinic Center in Tuzla for covering me during this education time.

When I got the grant I selected University Eye Hospital Ljubljana and I believe it was the best thing I could have done. As soon as I wrote email to professor Marko Hawlina I got with in few hours welcoming email from him. I was so happy that everything was going smoothly. Just in few weeks we arranged everything for the trip.

I arrived to Ljubljana on a cold night and my first tough was this will be a long stay, but in the end time spent very fast and I must say I had the time of my life. First day at hospital I was greeted and introduced with other colleagues. As in the future I hope I will be in working  in strabology  or ocular plastics and as well ocular pathology I have spent most of the time with prof Drnovšek Olup Brigita, dr Martina Jarc Vidmar, Dr Dragica Kosec and Dr Matej Beltram. They showed me a lot of important tips and tricks. They accepted me very well. I also must mention that I was very well accepted by younger doctors Ana Pajtler and Helena Haskaj. They have spent some time with me and other foreigner residents showing us Ljubljana, which is one nice city.

In the end once again thank you very much for the opportunity that SOE gave me. I hope the knowledge that I got in Ljubljana I will be able to share with my colleagues from Bosnia. This was one great experience for me and I would love to recommend to other young residents to visit Eye Clinic Ljubljana.