Tatiana Rusakevich, Russia Obsevership Report from Moorfields Eye Hospital, London,UK

Tatiana Rusakevich

Thank you very much to the SOE Educational Committee and Professor Marko Hawlina for this opportunity.
I applied to Moorfields Eye Hospital for 5 weeks. My observership programme included clinical work, participation in operating theatres, variety of seminars with consultant-led teams and regular teaching sessions. I visited the outstanding ophthalmology library which is the most impressive I have ever seen.
They confirmed my observership programme at VR, Cornea and Adnexal services. So I attended VR service for one week, Cornea and Adnexal Retina services for two weeks each and at Moorfields I had a great time. On my first day I got a timetable and then followed it.
All my colleagues were very kind and answered all my questions to give a clear understanding.
Finally I was introduced to a lot of young ophthalmologists from the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy. It was the perfect time to exchange experiences and to improve my skills. I really enjoyed my time spent there on both a professional and personal level.