Jelena Potic

Title: MD, MSc
Position: Ophthalmologist, PhD student
Subspecialty: Retina, Vitreous
Medical School: University of Belgrade, Serbia
Residency Program: Univeristy Eye Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Certifications & Awards: 2014-ongoing: Fellowship at Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland / 2014: ARVO Foundation Award “Developing Country Eye Researcher Travel Fellowship” / 2014: The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship (PhD)
Location: Univeristy Eye Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia and Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne Switzerland
Contact Information: / LinkedIn
Joined SOE YO: June 2015
Political mission within SOE-YO: link with other organizations, national representatives
Future visions within SOE-YO: To spread the idea of international education, communication and organization among YOs, to build professional network and exchange ideas, to develop collaboration among countries
Other interests/hobbies: Foreign languages, traveling, art, sailing, skiing