SOE YOs at NOK 2016

NOK3 2016

Altug, Grace, Gauti and Marie Louise NOK YO’s 2016

NOK52016The Nordic Ophthalmological Meeting (NOK) 2016 took place June 10-11  in Aarhus, Denmark.  The NOK YO committee, Gauti Johanneson, Ann Sofia Skou Thomsen, Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen, Petri Järventausta and Helgi David Bjørnsson were delighted with the high YO  attendance , and the vibrant ambience of this Nordic small urban city created a perfect stetting for the meeting.

Three YO symposiums were held focusing on, Phaco and training outside the national clinical setting, Career development where International mentors and YO’s presented on a variety of topics for YO’s on how to develop their careers. And the final session on communication and sharing, inspiring YO’s to use the many resources on the Internet, being inspired to take the EBO and increase their workflow.

At this year’s NOK an entire  YO day was created with focus on external, cosmetic surgery and Botox and fillers. Many YO’s together with specialist in all ages met during these sessions to learn more. The topic was thought provoking and offended some, and inspired others.

Many new issues have been tested doing this conference.  Of those the practical courses for YO’s was a huge success.  The NOK-YO committee wish to thank all speakers for their splendid presentations and hope to meet all in Oslo 2018.