The next SOE Congress will take place from 10–13 June in Barcelona Spain SOE 2017 European Society of Ophthalmology 10–13 June in Barcelona Spain

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The society is made up of 44 national member societies in geographical Europe organising the biennial SOE Congress as well as awarding educational grants, organising the EuLDP programme, sponsoring lectures for clinicians and scientists across Europe and forming the SOE Young Ophthalmologists.

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For details on SOE2017 go to www.soe2017org

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SOE2017 YO Lounge Activities

For all current details on activities for the YO Lounge at SOE2017 click here 001_20150607-soe-yo-lunch-session-web013_20150607-soe-yo-lunch-session-web022_20150607-soe-yo-lunch-session-web035_20150607-soe-yo-lunch-session-web038_20150607-soe-yo-lunch-session-web052_20150607-soe-yo-lunch-session-web


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