The next SOE Congress will take place from 10–13 June in Barcelona Spain SOE 2017 European Society of Ophthalmology 10–13 June in Barcelona Spain

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We live in an ever faster moving but smaller world due to internet, digital innovations and social media. However acquiring knowledge is not complete without the live interactions of your teachers, colleagues and representatives of new technology. We are delighted that Barcelona will be the venue of the SOE 2017 Congress, the next European Congress of Ophthalmology on 10–13 June, 2017. A selection of the best lecturers in the world will share every conceivable aspect of ophthalmology and the most recent state-of-art equipment and devices will be on display at the exhibition. Go to for more details.

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SOE2019 Congress

The SOE 2019 Congress will be held in Nice, France from 13 – 16 June 2019.

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SOE are delighted with the success of SOE2015 and thanks delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors for a memorable and stimulating congress.

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Past SOE Congresses

The First SOE Congress was held in Athens in 1960

The 2nd Congress in Vienna in 1964
The 3rd Congress in Amsterdam in 1968
The 4th Congress in Budapest in 1972
The 5th Congress in Hamburg in 1976
The 6th Congress in Brighton in 1980
The 7th Congress in Helsinki in 1984
The 8th Congress in Lisbon in 1988
The 9th Congress in Brussels in 1992
The 10th Congress in Milan in 1995
The 11th Congress in Budapest in 1997
The 12th Congress in Stockholm in 1999
The 13th Congress in Istanbul in 2001
The 14th Congress in Madrid in June 2003
The 15th Congress in Berlin, September 2005
The 16th Congress in Vienna in June 2007

The 17th Congress in Amsterdam in June 2009

The 18th Congress in Geneva in June 2011

The 19th Congress in Copenhagen in June 2013

The 20th Congress in Vienna in June 2015

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