YO Webinar 2024 Programme

SOE YO are delighted to be producing several webinars in association with the AAO.

2AM Emergencies & Sustainability
Date: Tuesday, 30 July, Time: 18:00-19:30hrs CEST
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Registration is complimentary for this webinar 

The first webinar in the series of 2, that will be organized together with American academy of Ophthalmology – Young ophthalmologists, covering 2 popular topics: 2am emergencies and sustainability! 

Join us for an illuminating webinar on “2AM Emergencies in Ophthalmology” where we delve into the unpredictable nature of eye emergencies. This session will provide valuable insights into the diagnosis and management of acute conditions that can arise in the middle of the night, such as trauma cases, endophthalmitis, red eye emergencies or painless acute visual loss. Expert ophthalmologists will share real-life cases  and practical strategies to ensure timely and effective patient care when every second counts. This is an essential event for all young ophthalmologists looking to enhance their emergency response skills.  


Join us for an insightful webinar on “Sustainability in Ophthalmology, where we explore the vital intersection of environmental responsibility and eye care. This session will highlight innovative practices and sustainable solutions that can be integrated into ophthalmology to reduce environmental impact without compromising patient care. There will be presentatio of the EYE SUSTAIN program. Speakers will share their experiences and strategies for implementing eco-friendly approaches in clinical settings. This webinar is essential for ophthalmologists  committed to promoting sustainability and enhancing the future of healthcare.  

Part 1 – 2AM Emergencies
Moderator: Jelena Potic (Serbia/Switzerland), Murat Hasanreisoglu (Turkey)
This webinar will cover the following topics.
Trauma case/endophthalmitis : the biggest disasters
 – Murat Hasanreisoglu, (Turkey)
Red eye emergency  – Ranko Gvozdenovic, (Serbia)
Painless visual loss – Imane Tarib, (USA/AAO)

Part 2 – Sustainability

Moderator: Jelena Potic (Serbia/Switzerland), Murat Hasanreisoglu (Turkey)
Sustainability in Ophthalmology: current perspectives and future directions
 – Johnson Neo, (UK)
Sustainability in Ophthalmology – A Global Perspective  – Sila Bal, (USA/AAO)
Sustainability in vitreoretinal surgery  Mariantonia Ferrara, (Italy/UK)

YO  Webinars

Paediatric Ophthalmology & AI in Ophthalmology

Part 1 – Paediatric Ophthalmology 
Date: Wednesday, 31 July 18.00hrs CEST
Time: 18:00-19:30hrs CEST
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Registration is complimentary for the YO webinar 

Do you also think paediatric ophthalmology can be difficult to tackle?… as we’ve all learned “children are not small adults!” Up your game with our upcoming webinar! Young, experienced ophthalmologists will break down important topics like “how to examine children”, “strabismus and cranial nerve palsy”, and “The myopia pandemic and how to tackle it”. Three speakers will each cover each session in detail, followed by a discussion round with our experts where you’ll get a chance to ask your questions. Don’t miss this chance to learn and connect!

Moderator: Moderators Kirstine Bolette Boysen, (Denmark) & Lana Datuashvili, Georgia
Two eyes or four eyes? Reviewing the pediatric eye exam and when to prescribe glasses – David Ramirez, (USA/AAO)
Myopia Pandemic – how to prevent– Trine Møldrup Jakobsen, (Denmark)
Strabismus– Aldo Vagge (Italy)

Part 2 – AI in Ophthalmology

Curious about how AI is changing eye care? Join our AI in Ophthalmology webinar, where young experts in the field will explain how new technologies are used in diagnostics, research, and patient care. Three speakers with research background will cover the topics. The session ends with a discussion between the speakers and the audience where you can ask questions and get involved in the conversation.
Hope to see you soon, your chatGPT. 

Moderators: Kirstine Bolette Boysen, (Denmark) & Lana Datuashvili, Georgia
The role of AI in patients’ information – Nathalie Eriksen, (Denmark)
AI in Research: is AI ready to write Research Articles/Reviews/Clinical Trials?-Grayson Armstrong, (USA/AAO)
Ophthalmology Disrupted: Embracing AI – Ivan Potapenko, (Denmark)

Videos from past webinars are available on the Webinar Library page