Joint Leadership Development Program San Francisco 2013 Report


A wide range of topics were covered with a an array of speakers in interactive workshops on association management and leadership topics, including communication, media relations, negotiating effectively, team building and running efficient meetings as well as opportunities to network with fellow Ophthalmologists from around the world.


The meeting began with an inspirational talk by David Batstone looking at accepting leadership responsibility and negotiating your personal leadership journey, whilst highlighting that leadership was about abilities in listening, engaging with others to help them achieve their goals as well as your own and making collective decisions with passion.

Following this a session covering Ethics was taken by Christie Morse, MD looking at conflicts of interest, Ethics and morality as well as Boardroom Ethics.


Further sessions followed on Media relations by Stephanie Marioneaux, MD covering the skills needed to engage with different types of media and tips for ensuring practitioners get their message across in a simple yet informative message that cannot be misconstrued by the media.


The following day began with a session looking at Political Advocacy with Natalio Izquierdo, MD and the International Community and International relations with Ana Gabriella Palis, MD. This look at the International community was continued witha session by Mike Brennan, MD focusing on global opportunities and the challenges of volunteering in other regions. Finally a session on ‘Effective Negotiating’ took place with William Lloyd, MD and communications specialist Marshelia DeVan held a session on effective communication, looking at how to speak to small and large groups and how to get your message across.

There was then an opportunity for EuLDP participants to discuss the projects they have been working on, details of which will be available on the SOE website shortly