2nd Symposium of Ophthalmologist in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tuzla, the city of the salt was the host of the 2nd Symposium of Ophthalmologist in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  With more than 150 participants it was the biggest reunion of ophthalmologist in this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

YO’s & mentors during dinner

The organizing committee was composed of young ophthalmologist and experts in the medical field: Vahid Jusufovic, Halida Basic, Terzic Svjetlana, Meliha Halilbasic, Jasmin Zvornicanin and Musanovic  Zlatko. Invited speakers were: Vasilije Misita, Ana Oros, Lala Caklic, Sanja Sefic, Emir Cabric , Sanja Sefic and as well Tayfun Bavbek. They come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and as well Serbia and Switzerland. During the congress special time was dedicated to young ophthalmologist where the organizing committee conducted wet lab of intravitreal injections. Apart of that we were proud that first book of OCT angiography has been presented  by Sanja Sefic in Bosnian language.  Young ophthalmologist had their session and they president their work: Meliha Halilbasic Retinopathy of prematurity, Zlatko Musanovic  Predictive factors for operation ERM, Jasmin Zvornicanin Spontaneous closure of macular rupture, Amra Nadarevic Vodencarevic Diagnostics and treatment of uveal melanoma with a special collaboration from Emine Kilic from Rotterdam and Aida Drljevic from Tuzla. Apart from them the youngest resident that presented a case was Ajla Pindro.

We strongly believe that this symposium will grow over the years and that next year will be bigger. Apart of that young residents were amazed by wet lab and the possibilities to learn it in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Everybody was delighted with the high YO  attendance and students from University of Tuzla.