Augustina Grigaite, Lithuania SOE grant observership at Bordeaux University Hospital, France

I would like to thank SOE organization for giving me this grant opportunity, it truly has been a remarkable educational experience.
I spent one month in Bordeaux University Hospital ophthalmology department, unit of medical and surgical retina, uveitis and neuro-ophthalmology lead by Professor Jean-François Korobelnik.
During my observership I attended surgeries and consultations of highly qualified retina specialists. It was truly interesting to listen to their discussions regarding difficult patients and to hear their treatment approaches. What I appreciated the most was how every doctor was willing to teach and give explanations to residents. Atmosphere in the department is both educational and friendly.
In surgical field I mostly observed various and complex retinal surgeries for retinal detachment, epiretinal membranes, endophthalmitis and ocular trauma. Although my main interest is retina, I also had an opportunity to observe anterior segment and glaucoma surgeries such as femtosecond laser LASIK and I-stent insertion.
Furthermore I was able to use Eye-Si surgical simulator for both cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. In my opinion, it really is a wonderful learning tool for surgical beginners just like me.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am very grateful to professor Korobelnik and SOE organization for time spent and University Hospital of Bordeaux. I believe knowledge and skills I gained will be useful in my future career.