Dr Marko Zlatanovic Educational Grant at the Athens Eye Hospital, Athens, Greece

I would first like to thank SOE for the chance for being given the educational grant and the opportunity to further upgrade my knowledge. The organization of the centre and training were outstanding. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff attitude and the attention of my direct supervisor. I learned a lot, gained necessary knowledge and made professional contacts. I would also like to thank them for accepting me and offered me some very important professional time.

Athens Eye Hospital is a family clinic where the highly knowledgeable and qualified surgeons work who can pass their knowledge and experience and who can teach with great enthusiasm and passion.

AEH is one of the best equipped hospitals in Europe. A large number of patients per day pass through the crowded clinic from 8 am to 8 pm allowing that in one day you see a huge number of different cases, and I would personally say that one day in the AEH, for young doctors is worth two.

With continuing development of a clinic and a research centre which is being built as a part of the hospital, I am sure that this place, in the future, is going to provide even greater opportunities for young doctors.

With 60 to 80 surgeries per day Athens Eye Hospital has a lot to offer to young surgeons and specialists. I was able not only to look at the procedures but also to actively participate in some of them. I had a great time there, gaining the experience and practice, learning from the best and making not professional but personal contacts as well.

Best regards,

Dr Marko Zlatanovic