Eszter Szalai, Hungary observership report from Maastricht University, Dept. of Ophthalmology, The Netherlands

My recent SOE Educational Grant Observership traveling to the University of Maastricht, Department of Ophthalmology procted by Professor Rudy Nuijts was extremely nice and helpful. This was delayed nearly three years because of COVID but the time was very well spent at the Institution. I was able to observe corneal clinic and different corneal surgeries, including DMEK, DSAEK, pterygium, refractive surgeries and complicated cataract procedures, including femto cataract and ICL implantation. In addition they arranged a trip for me to visit the Amsterdam Eye Bank where I observed the conservation procedure of eye globes for corneal transplantation, preparation of DMEK and DSAEK tissues as well as storage techniques. All this information was extremely useful and I will be able to put into my academic clinical practice.
I have to thank you for the financial support and I hope there are others who could benefit from this type of educational venture in the future.