EuLDP Alumni success

Congratulations to Eva Olofsson, PhD, med dr and EuLDP Alumni from the class of 2015- 2017 who is now President of the Swedish Ophthalmological Society.

Eva Olofsson, PhD, med dr

I attended the EuLDP in 2015-2017. Since then I have kept working as a vitreoretinal surgeon with ambition to fulfil my EuLDP project to establish a national register for retinal detachment surgery in Sweden. I am also part of a national committee in charge of coordinating the Swedish guidelines in ophthalmology. This autumn I was elected president of the Swedish Ophthalmology Society which is a huge honour. As president I will dedicate myself to promote ophthalmology in Sweden and I hope for a good collaboration all around the world. I sincerely hope that we soon again will be able to meet each other at congresses and courses, but until then we can together make ophthalmology flourish in other ways.

Eva Olofsson, PhD, med dr, President Swedish Ophthalmological Society

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