Global Ophthalmology Awards Program: Your opportunity to receive a grant

The deadline for submitting your Letter of Intent for the Global Ophthalmology Awards Program (GOAP) is fast approaching – February 1, 2019. We highly encourage you to participate in this exciting opportunity to advance your research and receive a prestigious fellowship or research award.

How the GOAP supported the alumni and opportunities it could provide you

GOAP alumni are making a significant impact in the field of ophthalmology, with publications in prestigious journals such as The Lancet, Retina, and the American Journal of Ophthalmology. Hear how the program has supported the alumni:

“The GOAP award has allowed a paradigm shift in career trajectory, and has provided improved access to world experts in research, and lifelong collaborations and mentorship that have already led to further grants and papers.”

Dr Shyamanga Borooah – GOAP 2016 Fellowship Awardee

“The GOAP fellowship period led to a job offer of Staff Clinician at the National Eye Institute (NIH)

The period brought me into contact with many top experts in the field, including clinicians, geneticists, epidemiologists and scientists.”


Dr Tiarnan Keenan – GOAP 2015 Fellowship Awardee

“The GOAP award allowed me to foster collaborations between basic researchers and clinicians and provided me an opportunity to collect solid results that will increase the chances of securing funding from other sources.”

Dr Ana Raquel Sarabando Santiago – GOAP 2015 Research Award

“The GOAP award has allowed me to receive other awards and publish our findings in a high-ranked journal.”

Assistant Professor Mahyar Etminan – GOAP 2014 Research Award

Should you have any questions around the program or queries about submitting your Letter of Intent, please visit the GOAP Website or contact the Program Secretariat at

Please do share this information with colleagues who might also be interested in applying to be part of this exciting program.