ICO Annual Conference – Killarney

The ICO Annual Conference in Killarney was a great success last week.

Over 200 ophthalmologists gathered for the three-day scientific conference which was held at The Great Southern, Killarney (22nd – 24th May) to hear the latest clinical developments in the specialty from eye experts at home and abroad.

Dr Geraldine Comer, Consultant Medical Ophthalmologist, delivered the SOE Lecture and discussed the role of the medical ophthalmologist.


Medical Ophthalmology- A Personal Journey

Dr Geraldine Comer Medical Ophthalmic Consultant CHO 2 / Community Healthcare West
An overview of the progression of medical ophthalmic practices over the past few decades as experienced by Dr Comer ranging from community, in particular in a rural setting, to private practice and onto hospital based services. In particular reference to the current role and looking towards the future. Dr Comer over the past few decades has worked in all these spheres and has encountered challenges, developments and a wealth of knowledge of the varied aspects of this vast specialty.  

Dr Geraldine Comer, Consultant Medical Ophthalmologist, CHO2/Community Healthcare West, who presented the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) Lecture 2023 entitled ‘Medical Ophthalmology – A Personal Journey’ is pictured with Prof Billy Power, National Clinical Lead for Ophthalmology at the ICO Annual Conference (Great Southern Killarney, Co Kerry from the 22bd – 24th May ) Photo: Don MacMonagle Photo from ICO