Irina Turcanu from Romania, Observership Report at FISABIO Hospital, Valencia, Spain

Irina Turcanu

I express my gratitude to Professor Marko Hawlina and the European Society of Ophthalmology for awarding me the Educational Grant for Ophthalmologists-in-training and the opportunity to do an observership in gorgeous Valencia, at the FISABIO Hospital. It was an amazing educational experience.

From the pathology variety and cutting edge treatment options to the cultural influences in patient counselling, there were learning opportunities in everything I saw. The faculty is welcoming and enthusiastic about teaching, making the learning experience very enjoyable.

The Medical Retina had a well-organized schedule as I could join the consultant-led teams to examine patients and the operating theatre. I was given the chance to improve my knowledge in medical retina step-by-step through the important, practical techniques I will use and develop in my career. They use a lot of ophthalmic imaging techniques like fluorescein angiography and indocyanine angiography and make proper differential diagnoses based on them. Photodynamic therapy was a discovery for me, as I have read about it only in books, and now I have seen my theoretical knowledge applied in practice along with the good results and happy patients. Also, I could assist glaucoma surgeries and corneal transplants like DALK, DSAEK, DMEK brilliantly and masterly executed.

Many thanks to Dra. Carmen Desco Esteban and to my lovely, dedicated mentor Dra. Lopes-Prats Lucea Maria Jesus who guided me during the observership and gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence. Thank you to the Ophthalmology Unit team for this stunning experience, for being so warmly welcoming and for sharing their knowledge with me.