Jelena Potic MD, PhD

SOE Representative in AAO Leadership Development Program XXII, Class of 2020

Jelena Potic, MD, PhD

Jelena Potic, MD, PhD was recognized at AAO 2019 in San Francisco for her selection to the Academy’s 22nd Leadership Development Program (LDP) class. Dr. Potic joins 19 other ophthalmologists from the United States in the LDP XXII, class of 2020. Dr. Potic’s incoming LDP class had an Orientation Session in San Francisco where they were introduced to their classmates, met Academy leaders, and as heard project presentations from the graduating LDP XXI, class of 2019. In January 2020, Dr. Potic will take part in a 2 ½ day interactive session in San Francisco, California with a visit to AAO headquarters where she will hear from AAO physician leadership, including 2020 Academy President Anne Coleman, MD, PhD on a wide variety of leadership topics. During this session she will also visit the AAO headquarters and participate in skills training exercises. The final LDP session for the class of 2020 will take place in conjunction with AAO 2020 in Las Vegas.
Congratulations to Jelena