Malgorzata Lubon, Poland, observership report from FISABIO Oftalmología Médica in Valencia, Spain

My 4-weeks observership took place at the department of cornea and anterior segment diseases at FISABIO Oftalmología Médica in Valencia, Spain. From the beginning my schedule was planned for every single day so I could make the most of it. I attended many surgeries and assisted doctors in outpatients clinic. Every doctor that I accompanied was keen to explain everything to me with details. I have learnt a lot of new things and I was able to see surgeries that I had not seen before. My overall experience in this hospital was great and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I must say that this experience is one of the most valuables in my specialty time. 

I would like to thank Dra. Cristina Martines-Peris for organising every day of my observership and also for being so kind and helpful to me. 

Also, I would like to thank European Society of Ophthalmology for the opportunity I have received.