Nia Dzodzuashvili, Georgia, Educational Observership Report, University Eye Hospital, Lublin, Poland

During a two-week period, I had the privilege of being based at the Department of General and Pediatric Ophthalmology of the Medical University of Lublin, Poland and the time spent there made an indelible impression. The hospital boasts of exceptional organization and is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical tools, catering to a wide range of anterior and posterior segment pathologies. Given my particular interest in the field of Retina, I dedicated my time to the medical Retina department, along with engaging in vitreoretinal surgery. I am immensely grateful to my mentor, Professor Robert Rejdak for granting me the opportunity to assist him during vitrectomy procedures, actively participating in detailed discussions on each step of the operation and observing captivating vitreoretinal cases. In addition, I was fortunate enough to witness cataract surgery via 3D glasses, while Dr. Tomasz Choragiewicz expertly performed the surgery using the latest edition of the Zeiss Quatera 700 equipment.

As mentioned, the majority of my days were spent in the department of Medical Retina, working alongside the exceptional Professor Anna Wozniak and her well-coordinated team. Professor Wozniak introduced me to cutting-edge imaging equipment such as OCT-angiography and Optos, allowing me to delve into the intricacies of these innovative technologies. I was fully immersed in the daily activities, participating in patient examinations, utilizing these diagnostic devices and engaging in discussions on intriguing cases.

I am deeply indebted to my mentor, Prof. Robert Rejdak and his remarkable team for generously sharing their wealth of professional experience. Their guidance has undeniable contributed to the expansion of both my theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of ophthalmology. I confidently recommend this institution for exceptional ophthalmic care and education, as it would greatly benefit all my colleagues!

Besides the educational aspect, I have to admit that Lublin captivated my heart with it’s charming old town, a delightful blend of architectural excellence, diverse parks and warm hospitality.

Lastly, I extend my sincere appreciation to the SOE Educational Committee and Professor Marko Hawlina for making this educational grant possible. The knowledge and expertise I have gained through this extraordinary experience will undoubtedly shape my future career as an ophthalmologist and I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity provided to me.