Ninoslav Petrov, Serbia, observership report from Fisabio Ophtalmologia Medica (FOM), Valencia

It’s been a huge pleasure to have had an opportunity of spending my SOE observership grant in Fisabio Ophtalmologia Medica(FOM) in Valencia. I spent my 4 weeks grant on the vitreoretinal department. From the very beginning it was so well organised with a schedule that was made in advance. Every day spent with other ophthalmologists was remarkable. I enjoyed every single day. Their hospitality, knowledge, willingness to explain everything I asked about, to answer my every single question, and believe me, there were many of them. I learnt so many things, I saw so many procedures that I never saw before. I met so many great people.

Special THANKS to: Dra Mari Carmen Desco, Dr Jorge Mataix, Dra Maria Jesus Lopez Pratz, Dra Elena Palacios Pozo. They taught me so many things, they made my stay even more beautiful, and made me feel like I was the part of FOM. They let me go to the surgery room whenever I wanted, they explained each operation they did, they were very supportive, and on top of all they accepted me as person, which I will never forget. Also thanks to all the doctors, nurses, and the whole other staff of FOM.

So, as you could have seen from upper text, I spent some great time at the hospital, and as far as I’m concerned, there’s a huge recommendation for every ophthalmology resident to visit FOM, and Valencia of course.