Anani Toshev SOE Grant Placement Report – University Eye Clinic in Mainz, Germany

It is a great pleasure for me to share my impressions about my stay at the University Eye Clinic in Mainz, Germany. I am very happy that I had the chance to participate in European Society of Ophthalmology Grant program. It is very nice that organizations like SOE support young ophthalmologists to enlarge their knowledge and to develop their new skills. As a participant in this program I would like to emphasize that I really learned a lot about clinical practice, work organization and science. I am glad that I met wonderful eye specialists and I felt comfortable in the friendly atmosphere they created.

The Chairman of the Eye Clinic- Professor Norbert Pfeiffer made me feel welcome from the beginning. I was given the opportunity to visit the department I was interested in most – Glaucoma department. Prof. Pfeiffer is not only a great specialist but also a wonderful, friendly and open-minded person. I will never forget what I have learned from him during the operations. I admire his fine approach to the patients and colleagues.

I am happy that I wasn’t alone through my stay there. Dr. Esther Hoffmann gave me a helping hand and was my “navigator”. As a glaucoma specialist she also taught me a lot.

I could see all the activities with regard to the diagnostics, treatment planning, surgery, laser procedures and of course the educational process and work with students.

The environment in the clinic was great. The working conditions allow the specialists to give their best for the patients in low stress atmosphere. The equipment was modern and was a reason for perfect diagnostic and surgical procedures.

I was pleasantly surprised that in this clinic it was paid a great attention to the continuing education of the young ophthalmologists. The morning presentations were the true evidence how everybody could learn more every day. During my stay I visited one of the traditionally organized meetings at the clinic with a very actual topic – “Refractive Surgery”. I was impressed of the wonderful lectures of the professors.

I felt as a member of the team when Prof. Pfeiffer gave me a green light to make a presentation dedicated to my PhD work. I was very thankful to my German colleagues for their pieces of advice, for their questions and recommendations.

I was lucky to meet my colleagues there in informal environment and to talk with them about life, hobbies and out-of-ophthalmology topics. This was possible because of the invitation I received to participate in their annual excursion in nature organized by the clinic.

I wish to every resident in ophthalmology to have the chance to visit the University Eye Clinic in Mainz, Germany and to enjoy the perfection in ophthalmology!


Anani Toshev