SOE Grant Placement University Eye Hospital Ljubljana Slovenia

University Eye Hospital of Ljubljana in Slovenia

For my 4-week observership I chose the University Eye Hospital of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

On the first day of my stay my supervisor  Prof. Marko Hawlina arranged everything in such a way that each day I could be present in a different place, according to what I was most interested in.

Monday was the neuro-ophthalmology day, during which I could examine patients accompanied by Prof. M. Hawlina and Dr. M. Jarc-Vidmar. I learned there how to deal with patients with anisocoria, changes in the visual field,  neuropathies  and neuritis of the optic nerve.

I spent Tuesdays in the operating theatre, where I was able to observe a cataract surgery by         Prof. M. Hawlina, as well as a oculoplastic surgery performed by Prof.B. Drnovšek-Olup.                          I also had the opportunity to learn about the minimally invasive DCR method,  transcanalicular diode laser-assisted dacryocystorhinostomy  modo Ljubljana , developed by the team supervised by Prof. Drnovšek.

On Wednesdays with Dr. M. Urbancic, Dr. A. Kraut and Dr. M. Šulak I had a day with medical retina, which gave me much knowledge about retinal diseases, the image of the retina obtained by means of the FFA, ICG and OCT methods and indications for anti-VEGF therapy in AMD, CRVO, diabetic maculopathy and refractory choroidal neovascularization secondary to uveitis. In spite of a large number of patients all of them explained in detail every examination and indication for treatment they made.

Thursday was a day for electrophysiology with Dr. J. Brecelj and Dr. M. Sustar in a very well equipped laboratory, where a whole range of electrophysiological tests are carried. I participated actively in preparing the results of FERG, MFERG, PERG, EOG and VEP examinations. This laboratory uses for  the ERG testing the HK loop active electrode which was developed by Prof. M. Hawlina and which is known in the whole world.

During the training I spent Fridays in the squint clinic and the contact lenses clinic with Dr. D. Kosec where it was possible for me to note how to handle with patients with keratoconus as well as concomitant squint in children and paretic squint in adults.

I also spent one day in the ocular oncology clinic with Dr. K. Novak-Andrejcic where I examined patients and learned how to differentiate malignant changes on basis of the USG tests.

Apart from the methodological aspect of my internship I was also greatly amazed by the doctors’ approach to the patients, who were all treated with the utmost care and respect.

I would like to thank the SOE Educational Committee for selecting me for the programme and I would also like to express my gratitude to the whole team at the University Eye Hospital of Ljubljana, with Prof. B. Stirn-Kranjc as the Head of the Department. I greatly appreciate your warm-hearted welcome, the knowledge you have provided me with and your help in learning about the wonderful country of Slovenia.”


I fully recommend the University Eye Hospital of Ljubljana to all future applicants as a place where not only can one obtain profound knowledge, but also meet many great people who are devoted to ophthalmology.

Marlena Konkol, MD, Poland