Elena- Cezara Manoliu SOE2014 Grant Report

Elena- Cezara ManoliuMy name is Elena- Cezara Manoliu and I am resident doctor ophthalmologist in Romania at Tîrgu Mureş Clinic of Ophthalmology.

I want to start my report by thanking European Society of Ophthalmology for the Educational Grant received, because it was a great chance for me to improve my medical knowledge and also by thanking to the Head of Tîrgu Mureş Clinic of Ophthalmology, Mrs. Conf. Dr. Karin Ursula Horvath for supporting me and other colleagues to take opportunities like that.

This year I was observer in Germany at the Department of Ophthalmology, Saarland University Medical Center for two months- 06/10/2014- 30/11/2014- and I want to thank first of all to the Director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Mr. Prof. Dr. Berthold Seitz for accepting me there as an observer and for giving me the opportunity to see all sections of the department and take part to the daily activities taking place there. Additional I was allowed to take part to the scientific activities scheduled there. I had the chance as well to see Mr. Prof. Dr. Seitz performing penetrating keratoplasty with double running suture technique, DMEK, cataract and to learn many interesting things from him about those procedures.

All the arrangements for my arrival there were made without any problem at all.

I had a very good communication with the staff of the clinic during those arrangements and also after I reached there and until the day of my leaving.

On my first day there I was assigned to a supervisor, in person of Mrs. Dr. Ursula Löw but I was also allowed to observe with any other doctor of the department.

Department of Ophthalmology has a very well-equipped theatre and I’ve noticed that they also have a very well-trained team of nurses and support staff, so most of my time I have spent it there assisting to a wide range of ophthalmic surgeries including cornea surgery ( penetrating keratoplasty, DMEK, double running suture technique, DMEK preparation technique), oculoplastic surgery (ectropion, entropion, pterigyum, techniques for tumor excision in the eyelids aria), glaucoma surgery (trabeculectomy, Istent, canaloplasty), techniques for cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery.

Many thanks to my supervisor, Mrs. Dr. Ursula Löw for her support, assistance and for the arrangements she made for me in order to see and learn as many procedures as possible linked to oculoplastic surgery, tear duct surgery, glaucoma, cataract and for making it possible for me to use the deparment’s wetlab.

During my time there I could observe and learn from Mr. Dr. Moatasem El-Husseiny about cataract surgery and DMEK preparation and I want to thank him for sharing from his knowledge.

I want to thank to Mrs. Prof. Barbara Käsmann-Kellner for allowing me to observe with her at the Pediatric Ophthalmology Section and as well to Mr. Dr. Tobias Hager and Mrs. Dr. Corinna Spira at the same section. Here I could see some interesting cases of children with aniridia, Stevens- Johnson Syndrome, strabismus and other pathologies as well.

It was a very big help for me to be assisted at the wetlab by Mrs. Dr. Anja Viestenz to which I must thank for showing me some tips in cataract surgery so I could perform the correct technique from the beginning to the end. As well I have to thank Mr. Dr. Arne Viestenz for his explanations during vitreoretinal surgery, to Mrs. Dr. Georgia Milioti and Mr. Dr. Shady Suffo for letting me assist them in operations.

I was impressed by the Eye Bank that the department owns. As everywhere in the Ophthalmology Department, here, as well, I was pleased to meet a highly qualified medical team.

At the Eye Bank I have to show my appreciation to Mr. Prof. Dr. Berthold Seitz, Mrs. Dr. Mona Bischoff and Mrs. Ns. Manuela Huber.

They have introduced me and have taught me about cornea prelevation technique and later I was able to make few prelevation and at the end of my time there I was proud and honored to receive a certificate of competence which enables me to perform this procedure further.

Generally for every procedure that I have performed or I had a contribution on it, the medical team gave me a document as proof of my participation and this is a real help for me as a resident.

Another good and important side of my time spent there was the cultural part, because I could learn many interesting things about German history, culture and civilization.

Also I had the pleasure to interact with other foreign doctors who were there at the same time, doctors from Switzerland, Greece, Brazil, Georgia, Italy and it was so good and interesting to share from our medical experience, from our history and culture.

In the end I want to thank to all the staff of the Department of Ophthalmology at Saarland University Medical Center, they are great people, highly trained and real professionals that can make a difference for the people there. Many thanks to the resident doctors who helped me, supported me and made my staying there as much pleasant as possible and I wish them good luck in everything.

As a conclusion I want to say that this Educational Grant offered by SOE was a real win for me and I am very glad and proud that I had the chance to be selected and I encourage other colleagues to try to obtain this kind of grant.