SOE Grant Report from Astghik Kyureghyan

AStghik Grant report


I am a young ophthalmologist   from Armenia – Astghik Kyureghyan. And I would like to start my report   from my great gratitude to European Society of Ophthalmologists for this unique opportunity to study in Germany (Muenster).

I am a regional ophthalmologist, and only thanks SOE I had a chance for studying abroad and gaining contemporary approaches for diagnosis and treatment of different ophthalmic pathologies, used in such a developed country like  Germany. I am grateful for all to SOE.

So, I had observership 1 month duration in Germany, Muenster, at Westfalische University Eye Clinik   from 20.11.2014 till 20.12.2014. My observership started since my meeting with  Prof. N. Eter (Director of University Eye Clinik) and her secretary Ms. A. Hoebing who
organized my accommodation, as fast as it was possible. During my stay in Muenster, Ms.Hoebing   took care about me, like my mother: she interested herself about my progress in study, every day brought me lunch and drinks….Special gratitude to her. I  would like to thank the Director of University Eye Clinik Prof. N.Eter, for accepting me there, as observer and giving chance to see and assist all types of  ophthalmic surgeries, performed in this clinic. She is perfect surgeon and scientist. Many thanks to Prof. N.Eter. On my first day I was submitted to supervisor of residents and fellows – Dr.Zumhagen. He assigned me to my supervisor – Dr. L.Merte. I am grateful for this meeting with such a nice person, as Dr. Merte. Thanks to him, I practiced many interesting cases of oculoplastic  surgeries (cantopexy, cantoplasty, ectropion surgery, entropion surgery, ptosis surgery, like levator rezection, brow suspicious; different types lid plastics after tumor excision, and dacriosurgery, like canalicular intubation, diagnostic endoscopy of lacrimal pathways, dacriocystorinostomy, performed by Dr.Merte. I should mention, that Dr. Merte with great pleasure explained stages of operations and answered on my questions. He was open for sharing knowledge and skills with international observer. I am very grateful to him for that. I watched different types of corneal surgery, performed by Dr. Zumhagen (penetrating keratoplasty, DMEK, DSEK). I studied different types of glaucoma surgery (trabeculoectomy, Stent), performed by Prof. N.Eter, Dr. Merte, Dr. Rosentreter. This clinic had very high level of cataract and vitreoretinal surgery (performed by N.Eter, Dr. Uhlig, Dr. Clemens). My delight to chief of pediatric and orthoptic department – Dr. Grenzebach. Watching ptosis and strabismus surgery, performed by her, gave me more skills for using in my practice. My separate thanks to all nursing staff, working in this hospital, they were very friendly, professional and coordinated in their work. Thanks so amazing persons like Prof. N Eter, Dr. Merte, Dr. Zumhagen…..and A.Hoebing, international observers will continue to attend this clinic in the future…..   Only thanks to SOE  educational grant program  so amazing travel and study could happen with me………..