SOE Teacher Observership Report -Christina Nicolaeva Vidinova- Eye Clinic Tübingen, Germany

The Eye Clinic in Tubingen is one of the most modern, well equipped and perfectly organized ophthalmological clinics not only in Germany, but also in Europe. They have an outstanding vitreo retinal department, with most modern appliances and even Gene therapy. Prof. Bartz- Schmidt is an excellent surgeon and a really devoted teacher and scientist. I cannot thank him enough for his hospitality. It was an honour to see him work in the operating room and to be with him and his staff for one month.
All of the colleagues in the hospital were very friendly and the organization was perfect.
I had the possibility to see practises “from the Future”, which strongly enhanced my views on ophthalmology and gave me new ideas for my future works. I had new cooperation’s and new friends which I really highly appreciate.
I will strongly recommend this site as one of the best on the SOE programme and I am sure everyone coming here will be feeling as if in a – carousel you can find everything you wish to learn, they have all subspecialties on high standard level.