SOE Teacher Observership Report – Dr. YEVGENIYA ILYINA at General University Hospital of Heraklion, Ophthalmology Clinic, Crete, Greece

Dear colleagues,

First of all I am extremely appreciative  to  the SOE Educational Committee and Professor Marko Hawlina for the opportunity to observe another clinic and to get excellent experience in ophthalmology. I applied to Crete Medical school (Heraklion), Greece.

Giannakopoulou Trisevgeni, in the office of prof. Tsilimbaris was very kind to help me with the confirmation of my observership programme, she assisted me with the documents and the invitation letter, how to get to the University clinic and the office. (There are a lot buildings there so it is rather difficult to find the eye clinic. But I was in time on my first day). I was there from 17 July 2017 till 28 July 2017. It was awesome.

There are a lot of different services at the University Hospital of Crete. On the first my day professor Tsilimbaris (the Head of ophthalmology department) was so kind to make the excursion around the hospital. He showed me all the services and introduced me to his colleagues. There are cornea, glaucoma, medical retina, pediatric and urgent services. Also there is an optician service in the clinic. I  received a timetable which I followed.

With the Pediatric team I observed the children with the different kinds of squint, amblyopia, ametropia, astigmatism. Ms. Iliaki Olga, the head of pediatric service, showed me strabismus cases, different children with the ametropia and the rare cases of amblyopia. She taught me the principles of the management and correction such pathology which Greek ophthalmologists used to make. Also I was happy to observe the cornea transplantation surgery techniques and the examination of the patients with the anterior segment diseases. I thank prof. Siganos Charalambos for this opportunity.  With prof. Detorakis Efstathios I have been in glaucoma service to check the pre and post operative patients with the glaucoma. It was the opportunity to have a look on the different drenages insertions and laser procedures.

Concern vitreoretinal department prof Tsilimbaris Miltiadis with his fellow Giarmoukakis Athanasios showed different technics of retinal surgery to me. There were laser coagulation, silicon oil or gas insertion in the operating theatre. The high level macula pilling performance in severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy, surgery in traumatic retinal detachment due to IOL subluxation in the vitreus body I was able to watch. Mr. Tsilimbaris was so kind to answer all my questions and to explain the steps of the surgery. Every day from 3 pm there was the opportunity to watch the private clinic.

The staff at the clinic was friendly and made my observership very pleasant. So, I have spent a great time there and have obtained profound knowledge despite the summer low activity.

There was only one observer in clinic that time– me, so all the staff spend a lot of time to answer my questions to make my time there more fruitful.

On my last day I received the certificate of attendance and I am absolutely sure this experience will be useful for me in Ukraine. When I returned home I made a presentation for my colleagues. I told them about modern surgery techniques and procedures in ophthalmology and received very friendly helpful guidance.


Many thanks for this great opportunity