SOE2021 @ WOC 2020

Welcome to the SOE 2021 virtual booth @ WOC 2020

Come and meet with SOE and find our more about our plans for SOE2021 which will take place in Prague, from 10 – 12 June 2021. We offer a truly comprehensive Ophthalmology meeting, delivering a world class scientific programme for all opthalmologists. 

 Sessions for YO’s @ WOC 2020

ICO Member Society: European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) 28 – 06- 5.15pm – 6.15 Livestream 5

Topic: Ophthalmic Education

YO’s in an African and Global World

Chair(s): Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen (Denmark); Grace Sun (United States);

  • How to start and formalize local YO organizations/chapters
    Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen (Denmark)
  • The life of a Young Ophthalmologist working in Africa- training conditions, work conditions, research and fellowships
    Bayanda Mbambisa (South Africa)
  • Linking YO’s from across the continent and the world to form global partnerships and collaborations
    Grace Sun (United States)


29-06-2020 12.00 pm-1.30 pm Livestream 3

Topic: Ophthalmic Education

Global Young Ophthalmologist Colloquium: Update on International YO Activities, Training & Research

Chair(s): Marcus Ang (Singapore); Diva Kant Misra (India);

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) YO
    Simon Fung (United States)
  • Young Ophthalmologists Society of India (YOSI)
    Digvijay Singh (India)
  • Singapore Society of Ophthalmology (SSO) YO Chapter
    Wong Chee Wai (Singapore)
  • Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society ( HKOS) YO
    Lawrence Pui Leung Iu (Hong Kong)

 29-06-2020 12.00 pm-1.30 pm Livestream 2


Topic: Ophthalmic Education

World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium – Educational Strategies in Lifelong Learning in Africa

Chair(s): Helena Filipe (Portugal); Marko Hawlina (Slovenia);

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Good Practices
    Helena Filipe (Portugal)
  • The Good Continuing Professional Development Educator
    Heather Mack (Australia)
  • Submitting an Educational Project in Continuing Professional Development with Success
    Amelia Buque (Mozambique)
  • An Overview of Eye Care Delivery in Angola – a Needs assessment and Educational Approaches
    Alda Rola (Angola); Luisa Paiva (Angola)
  • The Congolese Society of Ophthalmology (CSO) CPD Program: Simulation based training in Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS)
    Nadine Lusambo Nsiangani (Congo, the Democratic Republic of the); Ngoy Kilangalanga (Congo, the Democratic Republic of the)
  • Organizational Leadership in Continuing Professional Development
    Isabel Adir Alves Tavares (Cape Verde)

On-demand session


Topic: Ophthalmic Education

World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium – Surgical Training: Best Practices (English)

Chair(s): Heather Mack (Australia); Mathys Labuschagne (South Africa);

On-demand session

 ICO Member Society: European Board of Ophthalmology

Topic: Ophthalmic Education

European Board of Ophthalmology – Perspective 2020

Chair(s): Christina Grupcheva (Bulgaria); Gordana Sunaric-Megevand (Switzerland);

  • European education in ophthalmology perspectives – the role of EBO
    Christina Grupcheva (Bulgaria)
  • From e-learn to surgical training (debate with participation of YO led by MJ Tassignion)
    Marie-Jose Tassignon (Belgium)
  • Common European training in ophthalmology – the future way to success
    Renata Ivecovic (Croatia)
  • Update on sub-specialty examinations in ophthalmology
    Gordana Sunaric-Megevand (Switzerland)