Wojciech Luboń Observership Report from Instituto de Oftalmologia Dr. Gama Pinto, Lisbon, Portugal

My name is Wojciech Lubon and I am a resident doctor from Poland. I had a great chance to participate in 4 weeks observership in Institute of Ophthalmology dr Gama Pinto in
Lisbon, Portugal.
The organisation of my internship was  very detailed.  The schedule was done in advance in a way that every day I could learn and observe various fields of ophthalmology. All of the doctors from institute were kind and very helpful.
I visited retinal, cataract and glaucoma clinics where I could see patients and discuss their cases with doctors. I also had a chance to observe different surgeries and to see few variant approaches to them.
I think that such an experience is very valuable because we residents can see and learn many things from specialists from other countries. It help us not only to broaden our knowledge but also to build us as future specialists of ophthalmology with international education.
Beside educational aspect I have to admit that Lisbon is beautiful and interesting city and I am very pleased to had a chance to live there for 1 month.
I would like to say thank you to European Society of Ophthalmology for giving me that opportunity to gain such a precious experience.