Elena Pedanova Observership Report from Ophthalmology Department of Tel Aviv Medical Center

My name is Elena Pedanova and I am very grateful to SOE for giving me a Teachers Grant.

My observership in Ophthalmology Department of Tel Aviv Medical Center lasted for two weeks in November 2018. Professor Loewenstein gave me special attention and possibility to spend two days in retina clinic and operation room with her.

All the staff was very open and helpful. Supervisor Doctor Regenbogen organized my schedule in such a way that I could work with different doctors, attend operation room and intravitreal injections. He told a lot about organization of treatment and answered all the questions. I want to thank Doctor Rabina and Doctor Elrik for openness to communication and spending their time for discussion of patient cases. Prof. Ayala Pollack have demonstrated a great attitude for all young ophthalmologists. For sure I will adopt her style of communication and discussion of clinical cases with our students and residents in my daily practice. Тhe most interesting for my professional knowledge was the day spent with doctor Wilner. I was impressed by difficult cases of uveitis patients that she is treating and felt upset that this was my last day in clinic. Special thanks to assistant Aviva Sakat for her kindness. She was very helpful, answered all the questions and solved all the problems immediately.

This observership has widened my knowledge, improved my professional and teaching skills and gave me new professional contacts.  I would recommend this medical center to all future SOE Grant applicants and wish them a good luck!

Elena Pedanova, MD, PhD

  1. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Moscow, Russia