YO General Election Update

Dear SOE National Reps and SOE YOs community

Our SOE YO committee have been considering the virtual elections planned at the end of this month. 

With Ukraine and potentially neighbouring countries facing serious difficulties voting, plus the lack of face-to-face meetings due to the pandemic, there has been a lack of general live discussion for YO organisations. Therefore, YO communities probably have not had opportunities to update their mandates or members and it must be very difficult to provide adherence to SOE YO statutes. Thus, we have decided to postpone the elections until the SOE meeting in Prague 2023. We think having a face-to-face vote in Prague will be a much fairer election. This postponement will also give us time to engage and update the National Representative list, which will ultimately strengthen the YO Community. Furthermore, this reflects the action that was taken where SOE Board members had their term of service extended by two years.

Miguel González Andrades 

SOE YO Chair