Benedict Rak, Croatia observership at Semmelweis university eye clinic in Budapest

I attended SOE resident grant in Budapest from 2nd to 27th of December 2019. My overall impression is excellent. Professor Németh and assistant professor Telles Salguiero Barboni both really go out of their way to organise everything and basically make you feel at home. Very kind of them to invest so much of their energy and time. Together with them, I spent most of my time with Dr. Resch in retina clinic, who has as well proven to be an expert, kind, patient and ready to share his experience and knowledge. All the doctors and most of the other staff speak very good English. Most of my time, however, I have spent with dr. Telles in electrophysiology, where I tried to be as helpful to the team as I could. After several attempts to find a placement clinic our clinic hosted a meeting where I met a young resident from Budapest, dr. Benyo, and from Slovenia, dr. Kiraly with whom I’ve talked for a bit, and decided to send mails to Slovenia and Hungary. Both replied fast and positively, but Budapest was so efficient that I had everything ready and set before prof. Hawlina’s mail reply. In conclusion, I’m very glad I went to Budapest – in addition to spending time with their experts and enjoying the beautiful city, I genuinely feel like I’ve made friends there which is something I hoped for but didn’t necessarily expect, at least not to this degree. Thank you so much once more!