Nino Revishvili, Georgia, SOE Teacher Grant, observership report from University Hospital Eye Clinic “Sveti Duh” in Zagreb, Croatia

First of all I would like to thank the SOE educational committee and Professor Marko  Hawlina for giving me a Teachers Grant.

My observership programme lasted for two weeks in December 2019, in University Eye Hospital “Sveti Duh”,  Zagreb, Croatia.

This program included clinical work and discussion about choosing diagnostic and treatment methods. Also I had great opportunity to observe interesting cases in the operating theatre. My interest was to attend Medical retinal department and to observe a number of patients, that was fully achieved with help of  competent colleagues. The main goal was to introduce diagnostic method of OCT and OCT-Angiography. There were a lot of patients who performed this diagnostic methods, and which gave me great possibility to analyse the results. I also took part in daily activities, supervised by main consultant PhD Vlatka Saric and head of the department of posterior segment PhD Borna Saric. I want to say many thanks to all my colleagues who where very kind to answer my questions and to share all their knowledge with me, to contribute myself in professional development.

The possibility  given by Prof. Borna Saric, to spend two days in  the operating room  and assist him during vitrectomy surgery was awesome. I also observed plastic surgery, a very interesting case of eyelid reconstruction who performed Prof. Biljana Kuzmanovic.

University Eye Hospital “Sveti Duh”  in Zagreb is an ideal place for use of an SOE Educational grant. So I highly recommend this center to all my colleagues in Georgia and further afield.